Credit Lady Academy

Step One
When you register as a member, you will be able to select which program is best suited for your personal credit needs.  

Basic DIY - $21.99/mo. and our Premium DIY program is $39.99.

Basic is for items such as:
  • Inquiries
  • Collections
  • Charge-offs &
  • Late Payments

Premium includes Basic items PLUS:
  • Bankruptcy's &
  • Repos

When you register as a member you will gain access to your program to begin your journey towards credit excellence!

About The Credit Lady

Monique Macklin is the owner/creator of The Credit Lady Academy and is branded under - She has been in the real estate, finance & credit repair industry since 1993 & has assisted countless people nationwide with reaching their credit & financial goals. These programs were  created for those who need an affordable option, lifetime access & continuous support. Helping consumers reach true economic empowerment is her passion & her goal in life.

Credit Lady Academy FAQs

Is this program easy to process?

We've laid the program out in it's most simplest form.  The Credit Lady Courses are outlined like an online course.  You simply follow the steps as detailed to complete each task.  If you can use a computer and know how to use Microsoft Word, you'll be fine.  You will simply plug your information in, add required documents and mail to the bureaus.  It's that simple.

I know this is s Do It Yourself Program, but what if I need help?

We've created a private online community on Facebook where you are free to ask questions. There are admins in place to assist you.  In addition, once or twice a month, we will do live calls and/or webinars to help our clients better understand the processes.  Our goal is to help consumers nationwide gain access to great credit so they can help others do the same!  

What will I need to have in my home or office to navigate successfully through this program?

We have laid out the tools and resources you'll need for organizing your files and more.  In addition to having access to a computer and a printer, we made note of items that will help you be successful with this program.

Your fee is much lower than others I've seen why is that?

Not only did we want to create an easy to follow program, we wanted it to be affordable to our clients.  We understand how important having great credit is and we don't want people to miss out on this opportunity simply because of cost.

I know others who could use this program, do you have a referral program?

Yes we offer an affiliate program.  For every person you refer and they decide to register, you will receive 10% for that referral as a thank you.   Referral commissions are paid monthly and many of our clients are earning $100 or more each month as a result.  Make sure you register as an affiliate once you are logged in.


When I purchased your program in the "beta" stage, I was apprehensive but pleasantly surprised at my results after the first round!  You have the program designed like an online course which makes it easy to follow.  Going from 400 scores on all bureaus to 700+ after 5 months, I am beyond thankful. The best thing is the lifetime access to this program. We all know it takes NO time for credit to be compromised. Having access whenever I need it and the support of the Facebook group have been a wonderful experience.  Thank you  for your dedication and showing people that it does not take forever to achieve your credit goals.  And it can be done affordably as well.  I've paid over $1,000 to a company before and receive very minimal results. Glad I took the chance!
Dallas Caufield
I've wasted a lot of time over the years trying to find the right company to fix my credit.  When you introduced this program for the DIY kit, I was not interested at first because I am busy (or) just lazy sometimes (smile)!  But when I was told I would spend an hour or less of my time getting my files together, I figured I would participate.  I am so glad I did.  It literally took me 30 minutes to prepare my letters because you have everything already in place.  All I did was plug in my information and items to dispute and that was it!  Easy enough.  When I saw my first round removed 14 items & my scores increased 70 points plus (each)...I was excited!  I started referring people right away.  I was able to clean my file in 90 days and my scores are now:  742, 750 and 767.  I have NEVER seen my scores this high!  Thank you!
Brian Sommers

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Credit Lady Free Access Pass

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